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Income Statement

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 2014 Y
Period Ended12/31/2014
Interest Revenue ($000)   
Interest Income on MBS Collateral0
Other Loan Interest74,772
Interest Earned on Loans74,772
Interest and Dividends on Securities0
Other Interest Income0
Interest Income74,772
Interest Expense ($000)   
Interest Expense on CMOs and Investments0
Interest Expense on Repurchase Agreements0
Sub Debt Interest Expense0
Other Interest Expense5,367
Interest Expense5,367
Net Interest Income69,405
Other Revenues ($000)   
Net Loan Servicing Fees0
Partnership Income0
Other Noninterest Income3,287
Realized Gains0
Unrealized Gains on Investments0
Gain on Investments0
Total Noninterest Income3,287
Nonrecurring Revenue0
Other Expenses ($000)   
Compensation & Benefits0
Occupancy & Equipment0
Advisory Fees10,077
Foreclosure & Repo0
Amrt of Intang & Goodwill Impair0
Other Expense4,434
Total Noninterest Expense14,511
Provision for Loan Losses2,924
Nonrecurring Expense5,119
Total Expense22,554
Net Income ($000)   
Net Income before Taxes50,137
Provision for Taxes0
Total Minority Interest Expense0
Trust Preferred Distributions0
Net Income before Extra50,137
Extraordinary Items0
Net Income50,137
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int0
Net Income Attributable to Parent50,137
Preferred Dividends0
Net Income Avail to Common50,137
Adjusted FFONA
Comprehensive Income ($000)   
Net Income50,137
Preferred Dividend Adjustment to Comprehensive Inc0
Change in Unrealized Gain0
Change in Foreign Currency Translations0
Pension Fund Liability Adjustments0
Change in Fair Value of Effective Hedges0
Total Other Comprehensive Income0
Comprehensive Income50,137
Comprehensive Income: Noncontrolling Interests0
Comprehensive Income: Parent Company50,137
Income Ratios (%)   
Net Interest Income / Total Rev95.48
Compensation / Total Revenue0
EBITDA / Pre-tax Earnings (x) 1.11
Per Share Information ($)   
Basic EPS before Extra1.60
Basic EPS after Extra1.60
Avg Basic Shares Out (actual) 31,365,925
Diluted EPS before Extra1.60
Diluted EPS after Extraordinary1.60
FFO / ShareNA
AFFO per ShareNA
Common Dividends Declared per Share1.00
Avg Diluted Shares Out (actual) 31,365,925
EBITDA / Share1.77

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