Income Statement 
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(in units)    
Interest income 
Interest income 9,450,40821,330,43042,996,63564,315,170
Interest income - related parties 3,409,8315,666,8967,766,46310,457,047
Total interest income 12,860,23926,997,32650,763,09874,772,217
Interest expense 
Interest expense 1,731,0581,584,7321,044,2935,367,115
Net interest income 11,129,18125,412,59449,718,80569,405,102
Provision for loan losses 512,4401,091,4472,062,2532,924,077
Net interest income after provision for loan losses 10,616,74124,321,14747,656,55266,481,025
Noninterest income 
Commitment fee income 397,122513,0031,429,4773,000,907
Commitment fee income - related parties 40,68977,365190,171285,624
Lot inventory sales income 00780,0009,833,137
Total noninterest income 437,811590,3682,399,64813,119,668
Noninterest expense 
Management fees - related party 1,936,6904,187,2058,162,05710,077,226
Lot inventory sales cost 00780,0009,833,137
Listing expenses NA005,119,360
General and administrative 501,2781,241,1361,813,9365,379,472
General and administrative - related parties 2,773,9225,586,9319,958,988(945,584)
Total noninterest expense 5,211,89011,015,27220,714,98129,463,611
Net income 5,842,66213,896,24329,341,21950,137,082
Net income per weighted average share outstanding
Weighted average shares outstanding 4,734,25911,913,42827,207,72131,365,925
Distributions per weighted average share outstanding 1.741.741.661.59

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